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  • Specialist in Industrial Application of Artificial Intelligence

  • Seek to reduce the Maintenance Cost and increase the Production Efficiency through Industrial Application of AI

  • Now, over 4 Intellectual Properties,  
    6 R&D  projects and a number of private/public Partners and Customers

  • 2016. 8   Establishment

 Our Driving Force And Strength, BOD 

Kang, Naroo
Chong, Byongchol
Oh, Sangyeop
AI Director

One of the Top VCs for 15 years,
specializing in Software Sector

Led 13 direct investments in System/ SW / Internet Services and involved in the post investment overseeing of 40 companies

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of
experience in SW / Internet Sectors

Over 20 years of experience in planning and business development of Software/Internet Services in knowledge/Information, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Financial, Medical and Public Sectors

Korea's First-generations

artificial intelligence researcher

AI expert who has been programming for 20 years through his career as a PM, researcher and professor. Published Genetic Algorithm Master's/Doctor's theses

Shim, Seunghyun
Smart Factory Director
Park, Jungkyu
Smart Energy Director

Former leading

network device specialist

Network communication expert who experienced 20 years+ designing and manufacturing communication equipment 

Professional in Energy System

Energy Systems Analysis / Optimization, Thermofluid Model Simulation,

and LED Design / Production Lead.

 History of Pioneer in AI Industry 

  • 2016.8.    Establishment of AutoSemantics, Inc.

  • 2017.5.   “Development of AI based Defect Rate Reduction and Failure Prediction  Service”, co-sponsored by 
                     the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Science and Technology

  • 2017.10. “Machine Learning Algorithm and Damage Detection System based on Sound Information generated by
                     Water Supply and Sewage System”,  the Seoul Civic Government

  • 2017.11. “Real-time Monitoring System based on AI for Monitoring the Cutting State in Machine Tools”, Machine Tool Company “H”

  • 2018.1.   “Development of AI-based Anomaly Detector for use in Transformers, KEPCO

  • 2018.5.   “Development of Abnormality Diagnosing Technology based on Machine Learning for use in EV batteries”, 

                        the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • 2018.6.   “Development of AI-based Abnormality Monitoring System of Edge Device Type  for “Smart Factories”,

                        the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • 2018.6.   “Development of AI-based Inspection System for Air Conditioners”, Logistics Company “H”

  • 2018.8.   “Development of Sensor Board for use in Smart Factories, Electronic Company “S”

  • 2018.9.   “Development of Ai-based Bold Tightening Force Monitoring System” for Automobile Company “H”

  • 2019.2.    Participation in Battery Japan Exhibition

  • 2019.4.    Research Supported by KOEN (ESS battery Diagnosis)

  • 2019.5.    Participation in GLOBAL ELECTRIC POWER TECH 2019

  • 2019.6     Development of Ai-based Energy Reduction System,  Logistics Company 'S'

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